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Convert text to pdf – TEXT files typically come in the .txt format and are often created using NotePad or TextEdit. These files contain simple plain text without any formatting, modifications, or layout. While sending someone a TEXT FILE may be perceived as unprofessional, there are convenient online and offline solutions available to convert TEXT to PDF format. Let’s explore two methods for converting text to PDF, both online and offline, completely free of charge.

How to convert TEXT to PDF Online

Transforming TEXT into PDF format is a breeze with the assistance of WPS TEXT to PDF converter. Discover and utilize the WPS TEXT to PDF converter online for swift and efficient conversion of your documents.

Steps for converting TEXT to PDF on PC and Mobile online for free

  1. Explore and launch the WPS Word to PDF converter. Rest assured, as the WPS Word to PDF converter is equipped to analyze your TEXT document and seamlessly convert it into the desired PDF format.
  2. Simply upload your TEXT file by selecting the option “Choose Word file” or effortlessly drag and drop your TEXT file into the designated dropbox.
  3. Within moments, your TEXT document will undergo conversion into PDF format. Once the process is complete, simply click on the “Download” option to retrieve your newly minted file.

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How to convert TEXT to PDF Offline

Transforming TEXT to PDF is incredibly simple and swift with WPS Office, especially for offline conversions. You can easily find WPS Office on various app stores, such as Windows Store, Apple Store, and Google Play Store. Whether you’re using a mobile device like iPhone or Android, or a computer like PC or Mac, you can access its features for free. Simply download WPS Office and unlock its offline capabilities to streamline your document conversions.

Steps to convert microsoft word to pdf Offline

  1. Open the WPS Office App and tap on the “+” icon to select and open your TEXT file that you wish to convert into PDF format.
  2. Navigate to the “Menu” option located at the top left corner of the screen. For iPhone or Android users, tap on the menu icon, typically represented by four tiny boxes at the bottom left.
  3. Select the “Export to PDF” option from the dropdown menu. Mobile users should look for the “File” option available at the bottom.
  4. Your converted file will be directed to the default path set by WPS. However, if you prefer to save it in a customized folder, you can set the custom path by tapping on the “edit” icon represented by a pencil.
  5. Once everything is configured according to your preferences, tap on “Export to PDF” to convert and export the file into PDF format. If you’re using an iPhone or Android device, look for the option “Output as PDF”. Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the TEXT to PDF conversion process.

A TEXT file, identifiable by the .txt extension, is commonly created using Notepad or TextEdit, serving purposes such as large data management and coding. However, these files are typically utilized for personal convenience and are not typically suitable for sharing with others. Conversely, PDF files offer a more versatile format for sharing and printing purposes. If you’re unfamiliar with PDFs, consider using WPS Office, an offline application that facilitates TEXT to PDF conversion. Alternatively, for online conversion, WPS Word to PDF is a reliable tool supporting the .txt file extension, ensuring seamless TEXT to PDF conversion.

Requirements To Use the Text to PDF Converter

Our website has minimal requirements, making it accessible via any web browser on any operating system since it’s a cloud platform.

For seamless file transfer, we’ve streamlined the process. Instead of dragging and dropping files, simply click on “Choose File” to upload your document. Our online PDF converter supports various file formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. Additionally, you can convert image file formats like JPG, BMP, and PNG.

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